Employee Health and Safety Surveys

Main Measurement Question

Overall, how safe do you feel on the job? (Seven-point scale from not-at-all safe to very safe.)

Other Sample Questions

Disagree Strongly
Disagree Somewhat
Agree Somewhat
Agree Strongly
I understand all the safety rules and regulations related to my job
I have the authority to correct unsafe actions or conditions
Employee safety is a top concern of company management
I feel confident any safety concerns I raise will be addressed
I rarely feel exhausted at work
I have enough lighting in my work area
My back never aches after a work shift
I have access to hearing protection that works (factory workers only)
Other employees around me always act in a safe manner
If I refused to work when I felt I would put myself in danger, I would not get into trouble


The typical measure of safety undertaken by most organizations is the amount of time lost from work due to accidents. Minimizing lost time accidents is a worthy goal. But to a person involved in an accident, this measurement method offers little solace.

If your lost time accident statistics are good, do you know why? Is it that the safety policies and adherence to them are sufficient, or is it just luck? How do you identify "an accident waiting to happen?"

Our safety survey can help you to identify health and safety lapses. The survey is easy to complete and you can have results in a very short period of time.


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