If you want to know how engaged your employees are, you’ve come to the right place. In the 20 years we’ve been conducting employee surveys, we have refined the process to provide prompt, clear, and insightful information about your employees and their views. of surveying employees. Our response rates average 80%. Our reports clearly identify where your organization stands compared to others, and what changes will increase employee engagement.

Your project will be assigned to a seasoned professional with a post-graduate degree who will make the process simple for you, from questionnaire design to report creation and post-survey debriefing.

The entire process from the time you contact us to the time you receive your final report takes only a few weeks or less. The key steps are:

  • Discovery. A discussion of your organization, including organizational goals and values, perceived strengths and weaknesses with regard to employee relations, and organization structure.
  • Questionnaire Design. We craft custom questions for you and add them to our standard questionnaire, and modify or delete standard questions to meet the specific needs of your organization. During this phase we will exchange questionnaire drafts with you until you are completely pleased with the questionnaire.
  • Programming and Testing. We program and test the questionnaire and send you a test URL so you can preview the survey online, a survey URL to send to your employees, and a user name and password to access our online response update system.
  • Survey Invitations. We will provide examples of survey invitations and modify them as needed. It is your choice as to whether you invite the employees or we invite them; we’ll provide you with background information to help you decide.
  • Field. We like the survey to remain open for two to three weeks. This gives ample opportunity for all employees, including those on vacation or business trips, to respond. However, we’ve completed this process in as little as two days to meet urgent client needs.
  • Analysis and Reporting. Within a day of the closing of the field portion of the survey, we will send you a summary report in an easy-to-read format. The final report usually will be ready within one to two weeks, depending upon the report format ordered and the complexity of the survey and client organization.
  • Debriefing. After the final report has been delivered, we will walk you through the results and answer any question you may have.


The price for our services varies depending upon the size of your organization and the number and types of reports you order. It usually works out to the cost of buying a simple meal for each of your people. Call us at 844-288-2349 toll-free number for a price and/or proposal.