We work with HR Consultants who deal directly with clients who need employee surveys.

If you are an HR consultant or researcher who works closely with HR professionals or Corporate CEOs to improve employee engagement or you need to measure employee opinions for any reason, we can assist you by providing the back-end survey services you need.  You can leverage the employee survey experience we have gained by conducting hundreds of employee surveys, freeing your own time to focus on your direct relationship with the client, perhaps enabling you to work with more clients simultaneously.  You’ll also have access to our extensive benchmark database.

How it Works

You work directly with your clients to understand their organization and their employee survey needs.  We provide our questionnaire for you to use as a starting point in the questionnaire design.  While you are working with the client to make modifications to the questionnaire, you can use us a sounding board for question and survey-design issues.  After you have completed the questionnaire design, we program and test the survey for you, provide your with the survey URL for you to give to your client, and provide you and your client with a  URL to check for live online updates on the number of survey responses received, in total and by key demographic variable.

After the survey fielding is complete, we provide you with a summary report, final report and any department reports you need.  All reports are private label; that is, we don’t include our name in the report.  We instead include your name and/or logo on each report’s cover page.

Cost Savings

In addition to providing the back-end survey services, we provide you with a discount on our services on a sliding scale; the more work you bring to us, the larger the discount.  This reflects the reduced marketing cost we experience by having you bring work to us.

Getting Started

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