Our benchmarks (often called “normative data” or “norms”), will let you know exactly how you compare to other organizations. We have more than 800 employee survey projects in our database, representing the views of hundreds of thousands of employees. We offer a variety of benchmark types, including:

  • Overall benchmarks, consisting of surveys done with companies from a variety of industries. This is our most popular choice, especially among organizations whose employees can be hired by companies in different industries, which is the lion’s share of organizations.
  • Industry-specific benchmarks (when sample size is sufficient), such as financial services, high technology, manufacturing, not-for-profit organizations, etc.
  • Organization-size benchmarks, since engagement differs by company size (the smaller the organization, the stronger the employee engagement).
  • Engagement-experience benchmarks. On average, organizations new to measuring employee engagement have lower engagement scores than those who have measured (and acted upon) engagement before. No matter what your experience level at measuring engagement – novice, experienced, or advanced, we have the proper set of norms for you.