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Silver Report

Our Silver Report includes summary graphs and tables, providing a comparison of current findings against industry norms and, if available, the results of prior surveys by the same organization. Additionally, it contains cross-tabulations, quadrant analysis, and comment coding. It contains instructions for identifying areas for improvement, but no written interpretation or recommendations.

Silver reports are available in two different formats — Classic and Modern.

Gold Report

The Gold Report includes everything that is in the Silver report, and additionally a written analysis detailing key strengths and weaknesses, differences between departments and demographic groups, and employee comments and suggestions. Finally, it offers a management summary, and recommendations regarding actions to address key areas for improvement.

Gold reports are also available in either Classic or Modern format.


The appendixes for both the Gold and Silver reports include the following:

  • Appendix A: A copy of the questionnaire used in the survey.
  • Appendix B: Detailed tabulations.
  • Appendix C: Verbatim employee comments and suggestions and, if ordered, counts and percentages of the specific issues revealed in the comments.
  • Appendix D: Cross-tabulations showing the results for each question, sorted by demographic variables such as department, age, gender, length of service, and role in the organization.

Department Report

Department reports enable department managers to compare their results with those of the organization as a whole and with our benchmarks without viewing the results of other departments. Department reports also are available in either classic or modern formats.

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