We launched our first research web site in 1995, and EmployeeSurveys.com in July 1998. Since then, we have helped hundreds of clients understand and improve their employees’ engagement and satisfaction.

Our History

Before we launched our services, most employee surveys were conducted by high-priced consultants who charged obscene hourly rates to produce questionnaires that looked almost identical from client to client. Our approach is to begin the survey-design process with a standard, proven questionnaire and customize it to meet the specific needs of each client. This approach greatly reduces the time and cost of surveying employees. Because we have used a standard battery of questions for almost two decades, we have extensive benchmark data that enables our clients to see how their performance compares to that of other organizations.

Our Philosophy

In two words, we strive for SIMPLICITY and USEFULNESS. We want the entire process of surveying your employees to be an easy one for you and we want the results to be actionable.

Our process is a proven one, from survey design to implementation and reporting.

Our Services

Our name, EmployeeSurveys.com, says it all.  If you need an employee survey, we can help you.