Evaluate Diversity Through Employee Job Engagement Surveys

Main Measurement Question

Overall, would you rate the success of the diversity program at {NAME OF COMPANY}? (Seven-point scale from poor to excellent.)

Other Sample Questions

Disagree Strongly
Disagree Somewhat
Agree Somewhat
Agree Strongly
I believe that having a more diverse workhouse will improve {NAME OF COMPANY}
{NAME OF COMPANY} is committed to diversity
{NAME OF COMPANY} seeks different perspectives in decision-making and problem solving
{NAME OF COMPANY} is making progress with diversity initiatives
{NAME OF COMPANY} respects individuals and values their differences


Workplace diversity is an important subject that plays a significant role in how your employees feel about their workplace and how customers and clients view your company.  It is just one of the many issues that help to make up your overall employee engagement.  By conducting employee job engagement surveys that focus on workplace diversity you can directly engage with your employees and try to reach a better understanding of what their perspectives are regarding diversity in your company. Our surveys offer you an opportunity to focus on how your employees truly feel, so that you can make informed decisions regarding how to approach diversity in your company.  If you already have a diversity program in place, conducting employee job engagement surveys will help you to gauge how the program is working, and if changes or updates need to be made. 
Some of the results you will see from conducting employee job engagement surveys are:

  • Employees welcome the opportunity to be heard; often just the effort spent to conduct the survey results in positive feedback from your employees.
  • We customize our surveys to fit your needs, so we can directly address any concerns or issues that you may have.
  • The answers you receive may surprise you; using our leverage analysis option can help you fully understand what those results mean to you.

Employee job engagement surveys act as a tool towards reaching a deeper understanding of your employees and how diversity plays a role in your business.  We are here to help you develop a communication bridge with your employees that can help improve your overall employee engagement.  Our employee job engagement surveys reach some of the most fundamental issues that are of importance to both employees and employers.  By using these surveys as a jumping off point for future business decisions, you can ensure that you are doing your best to adequately address those fundamental issues. 

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