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Boss Stories

Most people have very strong feelings about their boss. After all, the work day takes up eight or more waking hours five days a week. You are about to read a number of good and bad boss stories, sent to us by readers. Some will sound familiar to you -- others seem difficult to believe, even though the authors assure us that the stories are true.

Budding authors -- by the way, this is a chance for you to make some money and see your own story in print. If you would like to earn money ($10), send us your good or bad boss story by e-mailing it to us at info@employeesurveys.com. If we like the story, we'll print it here on these pages. If we print it, we'll pay you ten dollars.

Here are some story-writing tips:

    • The story must be true.
    • Give us details. At a minimum, please include the following:

      • Provide some background information.
      • What did the boss do?
      • How did this make you feel?
      • What is the current situation? For example, has anything changed since the incident in question? Have you left your job? Have things improved or gotten worse?
    • Please don't send one giant paragraph! It makes editing very difficult.
    • Try to tell the story the same way you would tell it to a friend.
    • If you can draw any conclusions from your story, please do so.
    • Please include your name and address for the purposes of mailing a check if we use your story . . . rest assured that we won't include either in the web site. You can see by reviewing our stories that we never include the author's name or place of employment.

    A good story doesn't take long to write, and you don't have to be a professional writer. If you have strong feelings about what happened or about the boss in general, you probably will find that the story just flows out naturally. After you've written it, take a look at the story-writing tips provided above to see if you've left out any important information.

    What are your chances of getting published? Pretty good -- we probably publish about half of the stories we receive. If the story is well-written, rings true, and is different than anything we have published so far, we'll probably publish it, and you'll have $10 extra to spend, and the good feeling that comes with having your work published on the Internet.

    If you are interested in being entered into contests for prizes, you might want to consider joining our employee panel. Panel members are entered into a contest each time they complete a survey for us.

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